Walking With Walt: Season One

The Birth of a Mouse

In February 1928, Walt Disney was faced with his biggest hurdle to date. On a trip to New York, Walt finds out everything he has created up to date has been stolen from him.  Walt must create something new out of necessity, and out of necessity, he would end up changing the world. 

Jan 21st, 2018 

Laugh-O-Gram Studios

It’s May 23rd, 1922, and Walt Disney has just incorporated the Laugh-O-Gram studios.  This would be both Walt’s biggest achievement, and his biggest failure, up to date.  Join me this week, as we take a Walk With Walt, into the history of Laugh-O-Gram Studios. 

Jan 28th, 2018


Disney’s Magical Childhood

This week we find ourselves in the early 1900’s, in Marceline MO. The hometown of Walt Disney, inspired the man in more ways than any of us will know. So join us this week as we journey to Marceline, and go, Walking With Walt. 

Feb 4th, 2018 

Who is Elias Disney?

On this week’s episode of Walking With Walt, we pay tribute to the original Disney Dad, Elias Disney.  The patriarch of the Disney family, he fought adversity to provide a life for the family he loved.  Elias Disney was the figure who molded Walt into the man we love today.  So join me, as we take a look into the life of Elias Disney, and go, Walking With Walt. 

Feb 11th, 2018 

A Boy and His Paper Route

This week, we journey to 1911 to find a young Walt Disney delivering newspapers in Kansas City, MO. How did this simple job shape the man that would later change the world forever?  So join me, as we explore the story of Walt’s paper route, on this week’s episode of Walking With Walt.

Feb 18th, 2018 


A Disney Love Story

On this episode, we look at Walt’s better half, his wife Lillian. We explore the story of how their love came to be and how it influenced Walt throughout their lives together. So grab those you love, and enjoy this week’s episode of Walking With Walt. 

Feb 25th, 2018 

An American Patriot

On this episode, we look back on Walt’s love for his Country, and how he expressed his patriotism throughout his life. From movies, to the parks, everything Walt touched showed his love of America. So wave your American Flag, and join us this week as we go, Walking With Walt. 

Mar 4th, 2018 

A Boy Becomes A Man

On this episode, we follow Walt as he journeys from Chicago to France, to join the fight in World War 1.  It is during this time, Walt finds his strength to chase his passions, and the courage to follow his dreams.  So join us this week as we go Walking With Walt.

Mar 11th, 2018